Policy, System, and Environment (PSE) Changes

KEYS 4 HealthyKids focuses on creating environments that support healthy habits and behaviors. It is difficult to maintain healthy behaviors if your environment is not accommodating. Imagine trying to eat healthy fruits and vegetables if you have no transportation or live miles away from a grocery store. It is very problematic when you would like your child to abide by the dietary recommendations of 12 grams of sugar or less per day when their provided school breakfast already has 25 grams in it . Policy changes don’t have to be at the state level to make a difference; it is still very beneficial within individual child care centers or schools. Similarly, environments can be used to support better choices. For example one school we worked with installed water filters to increase water consumption and decrease soda consumption. This is one example of an environmental change that has a great effect on the student body. This exemplifies how a small environmental change has the potential to make a great impact.