5210 is a childhood obesity program that gives children four simple rules to follow in order to stay healthy.

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5 or more fruits and vegetables will give children all the vitamins and minerals they need to support growth and development. Most of them are low in calories and fat, making them the perfect tasty snack! Get creative and try mixing them up or add them to foods you already eat to keep it interesting!

2 hours or less of screen time each day can help keep your child healthy. Screen time includes television, gaming systems, and computers. Television is often leads to extra snacking and increased obesity. Keeping your child away from the screen can help keep their mind fresh and body active. Try to occupy them with other activities like riding a bike, solving a puzzle, or reading a book.

1 hour or more of physical activity will help children stay at a healthy weight and keep their little hearts happy! Encourage your child to get involved in a sport or team activity that they enjoy. Go on a family bike ride or walk to stay active and spend time with your family at the same time. Children who are raised with an active lifestyle are more likely to stay active as adults.

0 sugary drinks will help children lower the risk of becoming overweight. Soda has no nutritional value and adds empty calories to your child's diet from all the added sugar. Encourage children to drink water or milk instead. This will keep your child from consuming extra calories while keeping them hydrated and healthy.