Knowledge : Knowledge is power and plays a key role in the development of our goal. All you need to know is 5210!

 "An obesity-prevent campaign that sets parameters for nutrition, screen time, physical activity and sugar-sweetened drinks works for children as well as adults, registered dietitian nutritionist Amy Pleimling writes. It's simple enough for children to understand but also targets four main factors that contribute to obesity, Pleimling writes." The Huffington Post


Eating healthy : The School/Youth Garden Support Network (SYGSN) is a partnership program of KEYS 4 Healthy Kids and WVU Kanawha Extension developed to meet the needs of youth gardens in Kanawha County. Services provided by the network include: agricultural how-to, curriculum advice, design consulting, training, grant writing and materials support, CONNECTIONS…educators and volunteers working together to reconnect children with nature! School gardens are cross-curricular teaching tools that engage students and teachers in hands-on, practical application of the common core standards. Plus they get kids up and moving and increase the likelihood of eating fresh veggies! 

Youth being active : KEYS 4 Healthy Kids supports youth being active by helping schools and daycares learn about natural playgrounds. And once they learn, we do everything we can to help them build! This provides a cost effective play environment for children of all ages. The process to build a natural playground begins with funding. Once that is taken care of, the planning begins.

We work in collaboration with a contractor to create a specific design for the site. Once this design is approved, we make it happen with the help of community volunteers. The natural playgrounds are designed to include various learning elements to increase interest in physical activity. Many of these playgrounds will have fruit and vegetable components to help children learn firsthand about healthier foods. Check out this article by Laura Dice to learn more! A Playground Designed by Children.


Safety and empowerment : Kidz Bite Back is a generation of youth are "biting back" against Big Fat Industries and Couch Potato Companies. These KidZ lead a campaign to expose how Big Fat Industries and Couch Potato Companies take advantage of youth by promoting over-consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks, as well as encouraging over-use of TV watch and video gaming. They are spreading the word to their peers, families, neighbors, and even elected officials! Click here to visit the Kidz Bite Back website to get involved.

Move to Improve was collaborative effort between KEYS 4 Healthy Kids and WVU Extension to pass a new bill in 2014. This bill provided for the integration of 30 minutes or more of physical activity during the school day. This bill passed in the Senate but died in the House. However, we did get the support we needed from the Board of Education. They changed the policy to incorporate physical activity into the school day in West Virginia. Nonetheless, we achieved our goal to keep kids active!


Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care Centers (NAP SACC) is a tool to improve nutrition and physical activity standards in child care settings. KEYS 4 Healthy Kids has partnered with 18 child care centers that completed NAP SACC before participating in workshops and implementing policy and environment changes.The workshop topics include an overview of nutrition and physical activity policies, menu planning with registered dieticians, physical activity improvement opportunities, incorporating families into nutrition and physical activity goals, worksite wellness, and goal setting to measure progress.