Try This West Virginia 

The Try This site is evidence-based, grounded in the socio-ecological model of health promotion. They believe that people can make healthy changes in their lifestyles more easily if healthy choices are available in their community. It supplies how-to information for people who want to create those choices. Local and state government can adopt policies that promote those choices. Click here to visit their site and learn more


Our Children, Our FUTURE

This campaign to end child poverty is one composed of West Virginia kids, families, and people who care about them – building a better future through leadership development, community engagement, and policy change. Click here to learn more.

Imagine Charleston

The City of Charleston is launching a new imaginative and creative visioning and planning process that seeks to get unprecedented input from people in Charleston in developing new official plans for the City’s future. Imagine Charleston: “Your dream. Our future.” is designed to maximize citizen input about the future of Charleston in terms of buildings, potential projects, the nature of neighborhoods, transportation, attractions and more.

Nature Explore

Nature Explore uses research-based outdoor classroom design services, educator workshops, and natural products to put a new spin on learning for children. It helps to develop the environment around children to promote a more healthy, natural lifestyle by encouraging physical activity and healthy eating. Click here to visit their website.

Youth Gardens

Youth gardens  take a new and highly effective approach to learning. They encourage hands-on involvement from children. Children are able to plant and grow different types of plants including fruits and vegetables. As the plants grow, children can observe the various changes that take place such as color and height or the growth of the plants. In the case of fruits and vegetables, children are more likely to eat what they grow so it is very beneficial method to encourage learning and healthy eating.