By environment we mean physical, social, economic, or communication environment that affect people’s choices about food and physical activity.

An “environmental scan” helps identify the factors in a community that help and/or hinder people from making healthy choices. A variety of tools are available, such as:

  • Safety audits of walking and biking routes
  • Inventories of healthy food choices in supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants
  • Mapping of local food and physical activity resources Documenting access to and affordability of resources
  • Policy audits to identify government laws and regulations and the policies of organizations and businesses that relate to healthy eating and physical activity.



1. Community Assessment Flow Chart - PowerPoint

2. Assessing the Food Environment

  • Restaurant Assessment Form – PDF
  • Supermarket and Convenience Store Assessments – PDF
  • Corner Store Evaluation Sample Survey – PDF

3. Assessing the Physical Activity Environment

  • Physical Activity Community Assessment – PDF
  • Walkability Checklist – PDF
  • Tips on Leading a Walking Audit – PDF
  • Scouting Goals and Tips for Taking Pictures – PDF
  • Walk Audit Report Example: West Side Elementary School – PDF
  • Bikeability Checklist – PDF
  • Physical Activity Opportunity Inventory for Facilities – PDF

4. Assessment Report Example: "Survey of Community Need and Assets Related to Youth Physical Activity and Healthy Eating"  (Vermillion, 2010) – PDF