KEYS 4 Healthy Kids is part of a national network of communities pioneering new ways of promoting healthy weight and fitness. We're no longer focused solely on encouraging youth and families to make healthy choices. We're also creating healthy communities where we live, learn, work and play.

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1. Healthy Childcare

  • Childcare Policy for a Healthy Start (Jeffrey) - PowerPoint
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity Self Assessment for Childcare (NAPSACC)  – Web Link
  • Leap of Taste: WV Child Care Nutrition Standards (WVDE) – PDF
  • Healthy Celebrations - PDF
  • Farm to School - Web Link

2. Physical Activity Maps and Guides

  • Mapping Your Community – PowerPoint
  • Walk It Up! Kanawha County Physical Activity Guide (KCHD) – PDF
  • Charleston Physical Activity Resource Map (KEYS) – PDF
  • Creating Personalized Google Maps – PDF

3. Walking Clubs

  • Walk It Up! Walking Club Guidelines and Tools (KCHD) – PDF
  • Walk It Up! Walking Facts and Benefits (KCHD) – PDF
  • Walking Warm-Ups (Mark Fenton) – PDF

4. Community Gardens

  • American Community Gardens Association – Web Link
  • Kanawha County Gardens Association – Web Link
  • Preschool/ Child Care Garden Resources - Web Link

5. Market Makeovers – Web Link

6. Photovoice

  • Photovoice as a Tool for Youth Policy Advocacy – PDF
  • Implementing Photovoice in Your Community (from the Community Tool Box – a service of the Work Group for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas) – Web Link 
  • "Health in My Hometown" – Youth Photovoice Project in Minnesota – YouTube Link

7. Resource guide - Web Link